Therese Power


Liquor Licensing Specialist

Therese brings with her more than 30 years of liquor licensing and gaming experience. Therese is highly skilled in the preparation of all types of licensing and gaming applications having exclusively worked in this area since 2001 when she first joined BSV.

She is recognised as an integral part of our firm’s overall licensing expertise and has exceptional research capabilities involving the preparation of the various categories of social and crime related impact (liquor and gaming) assessments as well as feasibility studies for existing and proposed licensed premises.


Phone: (02) 8383 3777



While Therese works across the entire spectrum of licensing law, her keen interest and area of expertise lies in the preparation of community impact statements (Category A and the more complex Category B assessments) together with local impact assessments that are lodged with the NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority. She too works closely with Tony and our clients in all areas of our licensing practice. 

Therese holds an Associate Degree in Law (paralegal studies) graduating from Southern Cross University (with distinction) in 1996.


While Therese has a depth of knowledge in all licensing related matters, she has a keen interest in social impact type issues associated with hotel and packaged liquor licences. Therese has been involved in the preparation of social impact type assessments for over 14 years. Therefore, her primary interests surround:-

  • On-premises licences and endorsements like primary service or extended trading authorisations where a community impact statement is required;

  • The removal or grant of new hotel or packaged liquor licences where a category B community impact statement is required; and  

  • The preparation of local impact assessments that surround increasing a hotel’s gaming machine threshold.