Hotel or Bar Operators

Where it is proposed to sell liquor in a hotel, bar or tavern atmosphere the most appropriate liquor license is a hotel licence or a general bar hotel licence. A general bar licence is a limited type of hotel licence suited to venues that wish to operate a bar but do not want to operate gaming machines or offer takeaway liquor sales.  A general bar licence will permit a venue to operate dining facilities, accommodation and public entertainment.

We can assist you with:

  • New grant or removal Applications
  • Changes to the mandatory 6-hour closure period
  • Extended Trading Authorisations
  • Community Impact Statements
  • Transfers of existing liquor licences
  • Change of licensed area
  • Minors Area Authorisations
  • Residents Bar Applications
  • Gaming matters or issues
  • Lease, purchase or sale of assets
  • Disputes, complaints, noise or disciplinary issues
  • Compliance
  • Function Authorities
  • Minors Functions
  • Revocation/variation of conditions
  • Temporary premises