Restaurant, Entertainment Venues, and Caterers

An on-premises licence enables liquor to be sold with or ancillary to another product or service that is sold, supplied or provided to people on the premises. An on-premises licence can be used for a variety of purposes including accommodation, vessel trading, catering services (both on and off site) or as a public entertainment venue (such as those premises previously known as nightclub licences).   It can also be tailored to suit a multi-purpose business and it is even possible for liquor to be served to patrons without a meal in a restaurant (which requires the approval of a primary service authorisation). The primary purpose of an on-premises licence cannot be the sale or supply of alcohol, whether or not a primary service authorisation is held. Where a primary service authorisation is held, the product or service that is usually provided to customers on those premises must still be available. 

We can assist you with:

  • New grant or removal Applications

  • Primary Service Authorisations

  • Sale On Other Premises Authorisations

  • Changes to the mandatory 6-hour closure period

  • Extended Trading Authorisations

  • Community Impact Statements

  • Transfers of existing liquor licenses

  • Change of licensed area

  • Minors Function Authority (on-premises consumption with entertainment)

  • Revocation/variation of conditions

  • Disputes, complaints, noise or disciplinary issues